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There’s nothing sweeter than a hands-on father with his children. We’ve gathered the cutest pics from all over the internet to celebrate all the dads out there who show their love with hugs, kisses, cuddles and giggles. Enjoy!

Remember being tossed in the air with glee?

Credit: Mother 

How about hitchin’ a ride on Pa?

Credit: Love Taza

This li’l guy wants to be just like daddy when he grows up!

Credit: Explosion

Cuddle time! No safer place to be than in daddy’s arms!

Credit: The Berry

Love this pic of daddy brushing his dolly’s hair!

Credit: California Baby Natural Living

Hanging upside down is the best!

Credit: Hailey Devine via Pinterest

Papa’s imparting wisdom.

Credit: Mother

Arms full of love!

Credit: Of Hearth and Home

The master and his pupil.

Credit: Mother

Such sweetness! Too much!

Credit: California Baby Natural Living

Daddy’s my best friend!

Credit: Mother