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Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than finding a new use for something. The cookie cutters in our home have gotten a lot of mileage, and it’s nice to find something else they can be useful for. Try out these cookie cutter hacks for yourself.

Make Cookie Cutter Candles to spell out someone’s name and age on a birthday cake. You could also write out “good luck” or “best wishes” for special occasion cupcakes.


If you’d like to do some felting, Cookie Cutter Felting is a great way to maintain a shape. Make little heart elbow pads on someone’s favorite sweater, or add an elephant to a winter hat.


Making your own Cookie Cutter Pin Cushion is a lot of fun. This little craft also makes a great gift for a sew-savvy friend. I’d use a star for my superstar daughter who is just learning how to thread a needle.


I am a bit of a bird nerd, and these Cookie Cutter Birdfeeders double as tree decorations. Change up the shapes for the season and enjoy watching who comes to visit.


These Cookie Cutter Crayons are a huge hit with our kids. I let them help break up the crayons which is probably their favorite part of the process. They make great gifts too!


If you love garlands, then the possibilities are endless with a Cookie Cutter Garland. This also works well if you’d like to make a beaded curtain for a doorway. Choose your favorite shape and craft to your heart’s content!


Any combination of items would be a great idea for a Cookie Cutter Windchime. I love using sterling silver thrift store finds because they make such a lovely sound.


Make your own Yarn Ornaments for everything from garlands, to hanging them in trees. I like to have seasonal items hanging off the branches on our mantle. Leaves for fall, hearts for Valentine’s, butterflies for summer, etc… These are also fun to attach to a gift instead of a traditional bow.



Cookie Cutter Soap is a fun way to make pretty soaps in appropriate shapes for the recipient, or your favorite bath time monkey. It is a little bit of work, as soap can be, but worth the effort for the beautiful results.

The book worm in your life will love a Cookie Cutter Bookmark. I especially love making these and attaching them to a nice journal as a personalized gift. Add a little bling for the diva in your life.