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If you have little ones in your life, or people who are young at heart, then these ideas are for you! There are so many things we can do with cookie cutters that I never dreamed of. Thank goodness for the creative peeps who share their genius with us!


Make custom breakfast by using cookie cutters when you are cracking your eggs open into the pan. Change up the shapes with the seasons and as your little ones’ tastes change.


The best part of making brownies into fun shapes is eating all the leftovers! There is nothing more satisfying than a belly full of brownie and a plate full of brownie shapes. Everybody wins!


This technique works with most veggies and makes salad that much more appealing. It may even encourage the pickiest eaters to devour their salad. I love this idea for veggies and dip too!


Just when I thought there was nothing better than pancakes, I see this! They are almost as fun to make as they are to serve. If you are feeling ambitious, you can use a dispensing bottle to draw shapes before you pour into the moulds.


Fruit can easily be cut into shapes and skewered to make wands and kebabs. Cut out a few shapes to use on cereal, ice cream, in ice cubes, to decorate desserts, and in fruit salad. The possibilities are endless!


Cut flat break into shapes before serving with dip. You can also toast them or add seasoning before baking for added flavor and fun. Chips are always a hit at our table and these are practically guilt-free!


Marshmallows can be cut into shapes with a cookie cutter, but this method is far simpler and kids will love it just as much. Frozen whipped cream shapes will make hot chocolate even more alluring.


Cheese platters are even more fun if you cut them into shapes. This is also a fun idea if you want to make open-face cheesy toast in the toaster oven.


This idea for bread can be a little time-consuming but definitely worth the effort! I first saw this with a pumpkin shape and thought it was adorable. I would skip the food coloring and just use a different kind of break for fun. A little pumpernickel hidden within rye for instance.


The best use of sprinkles I have seen by far is this idea for a birthday cake. Everybody loves sprinkles and using a cookie cutter will give you the perfect effect. This is a great technique for cupcakes too. A festive shape will also work well for this brilliant idea.