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Autumn is upon us and whether you are preparing for a party, potluck, or Thanksgiving meal, you’ll fall in love with these season-inspired ideas.

Acorns are adorable little things so it’s no wonder these Acorn Candy Cookies are always such a big hit! Made with just 4 ingredients and simple enough for the smallest hands to assist, these are the prefect fall afternoon project.


Serve these Squash-Leaf Canapes as an hors-d’oeuvre and people won’t stop talking about how cute and clever they are. I like to add a little brown sugar when cooking up the little leaves.


I love this idea as a snack to eat on its own, or for dipping. Follow the recipe to make Cinnamon Sugar Leaf Trotilla Chips and pair with a delicious Apple Pie Salsa.


Using a festive cookie cutter to make cheesy shapes is brilliant! What’s even better is this idea for an Autumn Leaf Wreath. Bookmark this idea to make a holly and berry wreath for Christmas.


As we have already established, acorns are just downright cute. These Orea Acorns will delight Oreo-lovers young and old. They are best served without mentioning what is hidden within so minds can be blown. Because Oreos.


Speaking of adorable food, these Cheesy Leaves give lots of opportunity to add fall color with various ingredients. I like adding tomato sauce for a pizza taste and extra red color. Letting the cheese brown slightly also adds to the autumn flavor.


More acorns. This time they’re Acorn Donut Holes. Some might say I have a thing for acorns. This is the simplest acorn recipe by far. The challenge lies in not eating all the donuts while you are decorating them.


If you’re making salad, then these Pumpkin Carrots are a must! If you’re not making salad, these Pumpkin carrots are a must! Use them as confetti to decorate your dishes or add them to your carrot cupcakes.


Fall Leaf Krispy Treat Pops. It’s a mouthful to say and worth the little effort required to create. These will also make great Christmas trees, stars and ornaments for Christmas. I can’t wait to show these off!



Naturally, I have saved the best for last. Cranberry Pecan Pie Crust Leaves can be cut into your favorite festive shapes. Use these on top of your favorite pies, cupcakes, and desserts. I personally love pie crust so you may catch me snacking on them.