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When I got home from school as a kid I had a few snack options. They were always delicious but nothing was as fun as what you are about to feats your eyes on. Some take a little more effort than others but it will be worth it when you see the looks on their faces. And you’ll soon be known as the cool mom and isn’t that what it’s all about?

1. Rainbow Veggies & Dip will get you a smile and encourage your kids to eat more veggies. I tend to do this on nights I will be using peppers for dinner since I will be chopping them up anyway. This saves me time, and who doesn’t like a little more time to spend with their family?

2. I like this Grape Tree snack as an opportunity for my kids to create their own food masterpiece by designing their own trees before gobbling them up. They always enjoy the opportunity to play with their food.

3. These Cheese Monsters make a great platter if you’re hosting. I cut the casings for the kids and let them make their own faces with the googly eyes. Pipe cleaners are also a fun addition for horns, ears, and hats.


4. If your kids are learning 3D shapes this is a fun Edible Art snack for them to show you how clever they are. It’s also a great opportunity to be creative and design their own structures. The best part is taking them apart and gobbling up all the delicious grapes, blueberries, or dried fruit they have been designing with.


5. This clever Dolphin snack always does the trick when it comes to my fussy snacker. I put some extra fish around the base of the cup which is always appreciated. Thank goodness for the creative folks who think up this stuff!


6.  Watermelon Pops can be made into almost any shape to suit your kids or special occasion. Slice your watermelon into desired thickness and make the shapes with your favorite cookie cutters. I like to write little messages on the popsicle sticks too.


7. This Stop Light Snack is worth the extra effort. If your kids are fussy about peppers, you can make these with peanut butter and a few candies and they’ll still be getting a pretty nutritious snack.


8. Fruit Kebabs are always a hit because they are colorful and fun to eat. Older kids can help cut out the shapes and smaller hands can assemble the tasty treat before sitting down to eat. We cut out large stars for the tips and call them magic wands at our table.


9. My kids aren’t crazy about raw cauliflower so I steam it a little before serving these very Wooly Sheep. If your kids don’t like olives, cut up small tomato varieties for a similar effect.


10. Fruit Necklaces are a fun hands-on snack that let kids play with their food. This is a great snack just before bath time as it can get a little sticky. It sure beat the candy necklaces I remember having as a kid.