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We’re all pursuing happiness and health in our lives but sometimes we can find ourselves in a rut. We do the same things over and over again and that can get, well frankly, boring. Challenging ourselves with new activities, attitudes and  projects can renew our spirits and give us a new lease on life.

Here’s a list of ways to challenge yourself to gain new experiences, become a better friend or partner and have more fun in life:

Make a Gratitude List

Image courtesy of: Stephanie Mulac

 It’s easy to become mired in the difficulties of life. Instead of listing grievances and regrets, try compiling a list of blessings. Every morning, for a week, make a list of 5 things or people in your life that you are thankful for. You will be amazed by the contentment this will bring you.

Use Your Hands

It has been barely 100 years since there has been electricity in most homes. Try picking up knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch or sewing to gain a sense of accomplishment. Working with your hands is very satisfying. You could even try pottery or wood whittling!

Try a New Recipe

If you find yourself preparing the same meals over and over again, branch out! Trying a new recipe from scratch is fun and it engages your creativity. If you do not often eat dinner at home, try cooking at least 3 times a week and watch your waist line slim down and your wallet beef up. ☺

Purge Your Closet

It is easy to let your closet become overstuffed with items you never wear. Let go of 5 pieces. Start with things that have rips, stains or that you have not worn in the last 3 months. Clutter not only crowds your living space, it crowds your mind. Give those items that are still in good shape to your local charity thrift shop. You will feel good about owning less and giving to those less fortunate than you.

Draw a Picture

Expressing yourself creatively without caring about the artistic merit of your product, is a great way to get in touch with yourself. Pick up some pencil crayons and make a picture or get one of the oh-so popular adult coloring books and let yourself go. You will love the feeling of complete immersion you gain.

Read a Book

Image courtesy of: Firefly Daily

It is challenging in this digital age to make the time to sit down and concentrate on a book. Take the time to remember the rewards of getting quietly engrossed in a story.

Don’t Complain

This is a terrific attitude-changing challenge. When you catch yourself about to start on about something that is annoying you, reign it in. Say something positive instead. You will notice your friends and family will appreciate your positive outlook.

Play an Instrument

Music is an essential part of human culture. We have been making music since the beginning of time in all cultures. There is something that connects to our spirit when we sing or play an instrument. Sing in the shower every day or download a piano app on your tablet.

Plant a Garden

Image courtesy of: Better Housekeeper

Getting your hands dirty by growing a garden will not only put home-grown, pesticide free food on your table, it will help you feel productive and connected to nature. If veggies are not your thing, try growing a flowering plant. You will delight when the first buds bloom.

Go On a Spending Fast

Challenge yourself to stop spending money for a while. Try one day a week to start. You will love the feeling of abundance you will get from what you already have.


Sometimes we don’t feel like smiling at all. That is ok. Give smiling despite not feeling like it a go. You will notice that your facial muscles have tricked your brain into a better mood.  Your smiles will be returned to you and a sense of well-being will grow.

Study Something

Dedicate 20 minutes of your day to learning about something you know nothing about. Pick topics that you are interested in but never delved into. Pretty soon you will know a lot about the topic you chose. This is exercise for your brain. Give it a break from the same old stuff. When you feel you have mastered a topic (to your liking) move on to another.

Give Back To Your Community


Image courtesy of: Think Live Be Positive

Volunteering at a food bank, homeless shelter, or soup kitchen is a great way to spend a few hours away from your problems. You will get a big dose of gratitude for your circumstances. Treat the people you are serving as you would like to be treated if you were in their position. You will open your heart and mind to the kindness and generosity already within you. You could also donate blood, assist the elderly, or volunteer at your local animal shelter.