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Many of us have a lot of things around the house that we no longer have any use for but we can’t bring ourselves to get rid of them for various reasons, be it due to sentimental value or just the lack of time. How about giving these items a new life by re-purposing them into things you can put to use? Here’s a list of some creative ways to you can recycle, re-purpose and reuse your old stuff.


Cake Pan Tower

Turn your old round cake pans and plates into a tiered stand.. You can also use a cupcake stand to hold smaller items such as jewelry and keys.

cake pans


Cereal Box Drawer Organizer

We all know how easily drawers can become messy, so instead of spending money on fancy organizers use empty cereal boxes to make your own dividers! All you need is  pretty paper and some basic craft supplies.

cerealbox drawer


Globe Paper Towel Holder

Don’t know what to do with the broken globe that’s been collecting dust in your basement? Turn it into a kitchen paper towel holder. You don’t even need instructions for this.

globe stand


Button Artwork

There’s only so many button jars you need to keep in handy so this button art idea is a creative way to use up all those extra buttons. You can create anything, from trees and animals to monograms. Sky’s the limit!



Sock Armband

If you’re anything like me then you probably have a box full of socks that are missing the other pair. Fret not! You can turn them into arm bands to hold your smartphone when you’re doing physical activity.

old socks arm band


Tissue Box Plastic Bag Holder

Here’s a cool space-saving solution: use empty tissue boxes to dispense plastic bags.

kleenex box


Gallery Wall

There’s a new trend in the world of home decorating and it is awesome! Instead of hanging a lone painting or family portrait, people are opting to create gallery walls. If you have old frames and artwork lying around, you can mix and match them to create a design unique to you.

gallery wall


Shower Hooks As Purse Hangers

Convert your old shower rings into hangers for your purses. Perfect for those who do not have adequate closet shelving.

shower rings


Sweatshirt Pet Bed 

Re-use your old sweatshirt by turning it into a cozy bed for your pet.

Sweatshirt pet bed


Tennis Racket mirrors

Sometimes certain objects like tennis rackets seem like they only have one specific use but this genius mirror idea proves that wrong.

tennis rackets


Toilet Paper Rolls Cable Holders

The days of tangled up wires are over! Use empty toilet paper rolls to store your cables and wires. If you’re feeling crafty, personalize each roll by using printed tape and markers.

toilet paper rolls