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The year is coming to an end and I must admit that 2015 delivered some interesting moments that will surely go down in entertainment history. So for my fellow pop-culture enthusiasts, I’ve put put together a special gift guide with items that will surely help you preserve your favourite popular moment of the year at least until 2016 brings along something better. From Taylor Swift to Hunger Games to Adele, there is something for everyone, so browse away!


The Hunger Games: District 12 Strategy Game, $25

If you have a Hunger Games super fan in your life the District 12 strategy game is the ideal gift to get them to live out their tribute-wannabe fantasies. May the gift-giving odds be ever in your favour!
hunger games board game


Inside Out Personality Mugs, $12.95

Disney’s Inside Out has taught us that it isn’t always to express how we feel so these mugs are perfect for expressing feelings. Whatever the mood, be it sadness, joy, fear, anger or disgust, let the Inside Out mugs do the emoting.

inside out mugs


Left Shark Pillow, $25 

There’s something oddly inspiring about the Left Shark hype. The internet turned an out-of-sync dancer in a shark costume into a viral sensation that in turn motivated people to not be afraid of being themselves. So if you’re looking for a gift for that person who always lets be yourself around them then this pillow will perfectly fit the bill.

left shark


Mad Men Illustrated Book, $15

It is no easy feat letting go of a TV show that has been a part of your life for 8 years but lucky for fans of the 60s-inspired show, you can commemorate the end of an era with the first official Mad Men illustrated book.

Mad men


“What’s Good?” iPhone Case, $31

Probably the most popular two-word sentence of the year made famous by the one and only Nicki Minaj. This one makes an awesome gift for those who enjoy throwing shade.

miley phone case


Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling, $15

Mindy Kaling a.k.a Beyonce Pad-Thai is back with another memoir! The Mindy fan in your life will definitely relish the humour, wit and realness that this book offers.

mindy book


Pitch-Perfect ‘Aca-scuse me” Necklace, $18

This Pitch Perfect inspired necklace is Aca-mazing and will surely impress any Barden Bella fan.

pitch perfect


Camille Wine Glasses, $10.95-$12.95

If you’ve been on a hunt for a “Olivia Pope Wine Glass” then your search ends now!  The Camille wine glasses from Crate and Barrel are the exact ones that are featured on Scandal. Now it’s your turn to unwine and enjoy a glass or two (or 3).

scandal wine glasses


“Haters Gonna Hate” Mug, $15

Taylor Swift may not be the first to use this phrase but she sure did make it very popular. So “Swifties” if you’re looking to send a message too, this mug will definitely do the job.

Taylor Swift Mug


“Treat Yo Self” Tote Bag, $22

Three words for you. Treat. Yo. Self. Take Haverford’s advice and celebrate the awesomeness that is Parks and Recreation with this “Treat Yo Self” tote bag.

treat yo self


Adele Lyrics Photo Frame, $20

Hello, it’s me. Unless you’ve been living in an alternate universe, you have felt the impact that those three words have had on basically everyone. You can immortalize your favourite Queen Adele songs by engraving them on a photo frame.

adele quote frame


Yes, Please by Amy Poehler, $19 

Amy Poehler’s memoir may be all the comedy-nerd in your life needs to fill up part of their laughter quota over the holidays.

amy peohler


Empire “Cookie Lyon” Sweatshirt, $59.95 

Empire’s Cookie is pretty much everyone’s spirit animal. This awesome graphic Cookie Lyon sweatshirt will certainly encourage any Empire fanatic to follow in her footsteps and claim what’s theirs.

cookie sweatshirt


Divergent “Dauntless” Tank Top, $23

Gift the badass Divergent fan in your life with a Dauntless tank top. This will hopefully tide them over until the next movie comes out in 2016.



Game Of Thrones Book End, $55 

The Iron Throne bookend makes for an epic gift for Game Of Thrones fans who love to read.

game of thrones


Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee, $15

55 years after her first book, Harper Lee, returns with a second novel, Go Set A Watchman. As one of the biggest literary moments of 2015 you bet this novel is a MUST-HAVE for every bookworm.

harper lee


Hotline Bling Ugly Christmas Sweater, $19+

There is absolutely no way that a pop culture gift round trip wouldn’t include Drake and his infamous “Hotline Bling” Dance. This year’s  most talked about song and dance has now been immortalized on a holiday sweater and it’s kinda awesome. Spread some holiday cheer and gift the Drake fan with this trendy ugly Christmas sweater.

hotline bling sweater


Mad Max “Feminist” Bracelet, $18

Surprise the feminist on your list with this empowering “We are not things” bracelet inspired by the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.


“Kanye School Of Kanye” Sweatshirt, $19.90

This sweatshirt is for that person who speaks in third person and is inspired by Kanye’s ego.



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