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Have a cute shirt, but hate when those hanger straps poke out? Believe me, I’m all for clothing that comes with these little sewn-in straps. They’re great for hanging my daintier items and save me from having to pick up wrinkled heaps of clothes off the floor. The problem is that no matter how many times I tuck them back into hiding, they always rear their ugly heads and get back into view.


Here’s an amazing tip I found to hide these little guys, all you need is a needle and thread!


Cut roughly 24″ of thread off a spool and thread a standard sewing needle. Once needle is threaded, pull thread until half of it is through the needle, grab both ends, hold them as one, and tie a knot.


Turn garment inside out and grab seam where the strap is stitched on. You’ll notice that the strap is sewn in so that, of course, it would show when you are wearing the garment. Insert needle into interior edge of hem (being careful not to pierce through to the top/visible layer of the fabric). Bring needle up through fabric and base layer of hanger strap. Make sure to pierce the hanger strap in the middle to give it as much stability as possible. Fold strap back and over and tack down stitch back through interior fabric layer. Repeat process until you feel it is secure. Tie the two segments of thread together and clip excess neatly. You are simply folding the strap back so that it faces towards your sleeves instead of towards your neck and tacking it down.

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