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I grew up reading the Harry Potter novels and dreaming about being born a Wizard and not a boring Muggle. But I digress! Make the best out of a bad situation by making some of these Harry Potter inspired recipes. I cannot WAIT to try the butterbeer, or the polyjuice potion jelly shots!


1. Butterbeer


Yum! If, like me, you aren’t headed to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter quite yet, you can try this recipe! The author taste-tested the park version so we could recreate it at home, genius! This recipe is non-alcoholic and tastes like a cross between a butterscotchy cream soda and a root beer float.


2. Treacle Tart
If you read the books, you’ll know that Harry Potter’s favorite food at Hogwarts is treacle tart, a sweet and sticky pie. Treacle is a sweet syrup that is derived during the processing of cane sugar, buuuut if you can’t find that (the author couldn’t) you can use golden syrup or 2 parts corn syrup and 1 part molasses. Yum!


3. Pumpkin Pasties
If I remember correctly, the first time pumpkin pasties were mentioned was on the Hogwarts Express, as Harry hurtled toward his first year at wizard school. They’re basically cute, portable mini pumpkin pies.


4. Polyjuice Potion Jelly Shots
In the books, polyjuice potion tastes AWFUL, but these don’t! These potion-inspired jelly shots are perfect for a Harry Potter themed party.


5. Pumpkin Juice
I’ve always wondered what pumpkin juice would be like! Rowling somehow makes pumpkin juice sound like both the most refreshing and the most comforting drink in the universe. I can’t wait to try this fruity, pumpkiny drink.


6. Cockroach Clusters


Sounds disgusting, tastes great! These clusters take only 3 ingredients to make and hit the spot when you’re looking for something crunchy and chocolately (minus the bugs.)


7. Golden Snitch Cake Pops
150 points to Gryffindor! These cake pops are an uncanny recreation of a golden snitch from your favorite sport, Quidditch! If only they would really fly though…


8. Acid Pops
“Fred gave me one when I was seven, it burnt a hole right through my tongue. I can remember Mum walloping him with her broomstick.” — Ron Weasley
These pops won’t burn your tongue but they do pack a punch. Pop rocks provide an unexpected twist on the traditional lollipop.


9. Chocolate Frogs
These hoppers pop up throughout the series, from Harry’s first trip on the Hogwarts Express to Ron’s hospital stay after the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. These are basically peanut butter cups in frog form, which is the best form.


10. Caudron Cakes
These cauldron cakes take a little patience to make, but are totally worth it. Which potion will you make in your cauldrons: Felix Felicis, Polyjuice, Veritaserum?