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I recently opened a bookcase into a hidden room (at a room escape game: look into this here) and it blew my mind! Who hasn’t dreamed of having a secret space of their own? It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t change as we get older, although the reasons for the hideaway may change. Here are some great ideas for creating an escape where nobody can find you.

1. Stairway to Serenity.

Who will think to life the staircase to see what’s hiding underneath? This is by far the coolest idea for a hidden room that I have ever seen. You won’t even have to worry about anyone hearing your footsteps if you want to move around.

2. Wonderful Wardrobe.

Whether you are a child escaping into your play room, or an adult running away to escape from it all, your getaway will go unnoticed as long as you close the wardrobe door behind you.

3. Creative Cave.

This piece of art is so unsuspecting that you can get in and out of your hideaway without anyone being the wiser. This would be a great idea for a secret art studio or craft room.

4. Hidden Hatch Hideaway.

The premise for this idea is a wine cellar, however, any reason to escape will do if you ask me! A slide would work well here for a young child as well.

5. Summit to Safety.

If you are dealing with a little sibling rivalry in your home, you can create this fantastic climbing wall to keep your kids fit and out of harm’s way. Adding a fireman-style pole for sliding down might add to the fun too!

6. Sneaky Shelf.

The classic, and most well-known version of of the hidden room entrance is still a favorite of mine. It seems like the perfect place to hide a peaceful reading nook. Or napping nook. Whatever you need really.

7. Hidden Hut.

I would replace the handle with a hook to increase it’s incognito factor but otherwise, this seems like a great space for a play room. Not only will it keep the toys out of sight and out of mind, it can encourage the wild imagination that only playing can.

8. Surprise Slide.

What child wouldn’t love to slide from one level to the next? It may even prevent banister shenanigans. A mom can dream can’t she? This slide will delight kids of all ages, and the adults who choose to indulge.


9. Climb to Calm.

The best part of climbing a swing ladder is pulling it up so nobody can follow. From the same home as the aforementioned slide, kids can run, climb, and have a good time even when the weather keeps them inside.


10. Passage to Peace.
A tunnel between rooms is a great way to encourage play between little ones. I love how the entrance looks like an ordinary cupboard.