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Do you notice that as the temperature falls so does your mood? You’re not alone! Many Americans find themselves moody, fatigued and just generally “off” during the dark winter months. Never fear! We’ve put together a list of activities to help you fight the winter blues.

Get Some Sun 

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Probably the greatest source of winter blahs is the lack of sunlight and spending less time outdoors.  Consequently, our bodies do not produce enough Vitamin D and our mood suffers. Even though the mercury is low, get outside for a walk, build a snowman or make snow angels.  You might want to invest in a light box which mimics natural daylight.

Eat Dark Chocolate

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The good news is you can munch away on dark chocolate. It stimulates your body’s feel good system. You’ll want to stay away from other candy and carbohydrates which boost your mood for a short time and then make you crash into the sugar blues.

Get Pumped

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Doing some cardio will pump more oxygen to your brain where it aids in the release of endorphins that boosts your mood and increases your energy and feelings of well-being.

Get The Right Amount of Shut-Eye

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Aim to sleep 7-9 hours each night but not more. Too much sleep can cause your energy to dip, too few hours will make you grouchy and depressed.


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It’s important when you’re in the throes of a wintertime funk, to get out and spend time with your friends. Share laughs with friends and family and get lots of hugs!