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‘Tis the season to save big. Smart shoppers like us wait all year long for Black Friday to arrive. We fill our heads with daydreams of scoring the lowest prices on a new family TV, holiday gifts for friends and family and maybe even some special items for ourselves.

Every year, my mother-in-law and I head out early in the morning and shop all day long! We’re basically pros. I have to admit most of these tips are really from her – she’s a ninja. Our top secret strategies for success are going to be shared with you.

Here are our tricks for how to get the most out of your shopping and to save as much money as possible!

Do Your Homework

Study ads online and in print the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Let’s be honest, a lot of great deals happen the week leading up to Black Friday too!

Make a list of items that you’re looking for. Compare prices using sites like or Read reviews of the items you are interested in and use to make sure that the product is a good investment.

Here are some Black Friday websites that will help you do your research:,,,, and

Use Discounted Gift Cards to Shop

Have you discovered You can purchase store gift cards at reduced prices to save money. For example, you can buy a $200 Kohl’s Gift Card for $165 – that’s $35 saved right there. They have gift cards for hundreds of stores like Macy’s, Walmart, Target, T.J. Maxx, and Best Buy.

Black Friday

Don’t Impulse Buy – Stick to a Budget

This one is tricky to live by especially with so many good deals to be had. Resist the urge to get swept up in the madness or to grab an item off the pile with everyone else. Stick to the list and don’t go over your pre-determined budget! You don’t want buyers remorse to ruin your fun.

Download Apps to Help You Shop Smart

Never go out Black Friday shopping without a fully charged cell phone. First of all, you can and most likely will, get separated from your shopping buddy and you’ll need your phone to find your way back to each other. Secondly, you’ll want to access your Amazon mobile app to check and compare prices. Amazon’s app allows you to scan products and price compare online! Pretty cool, right?

Watch Out for Final Sales

This tip needs little explanation. If you’re doing holiday gift shopping, you want to make sure that your purchase can be exchanged. Be sure to get gift receipts.

Bring a Buddy and Make a Plan

Bring a buddy with you to save your place in line while you run to the restroom or grab a different size. You’ll also need snacks and breaks and someone to giggle with over your scores! Be sure to have mapped out the places you both want to go and prioritized your route. Have a rendez-vous location in case you become separated. Wear comfortable shoes and lots of layers – there’s a lot of body heat in the malls with all the shoppers bustling about!

Finally, have fun!

Source: The Balance