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This life-hack couldn’t be easier or more helpful! Have you ever found yourself in need of a little dab of glue on the go? Always be prepared by making yourself pocket-sized hot glue that you can throw in your bag, your car, or even attach to your keys. It literally takes 4 steps!

It’s so simple, yet so useful, it will BLOW YOUR MIND!

How To Make Hot Glue Matches
Step 1
Get a box of matches.

Step 2
Heat up the end of a hot glue stick and apply some glue to each match, just under the tip.

Step 3
Let the glue dry, you can use a foam block or something similar so the matches can stick straight up.

Step 4
OPTIONAL: Make a new label for your matches.

Now you’re ready to use them!

TO USE: Light the match like you normally would, but let the glue heat up for just a few seconds, blow out the fire and then dab your glue onto any surface.




Check out the full tutorial!