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While succulents typically grow better outside, that doesn’t stop us from wanting these cute little plants in our homes as well, and if you love them as much as I do, you’ll want to grow them anyway. For those of us with cold winters, bringing your succulents inside before it snows will actually be a good thing for them. Most succulents are dormant during the winter because they need a period of cold to help them produce better blooms in the spring and summer. There are a lot of other indoor house plants that may not be as picky as succulents, but succulents are definitely tough enough that they still survive and do fairly well inside if you follow these simple tips.


Get them 6 hours of sunlight
The main key to growing your succulents nice and strong is definitely sunlight. Keep your plants as close to the windows as you can, but be careful that they don’t get too hot, they can get sunburned like us. If your succulents aren’t getting enough light they will start to stretch, and if that happens just cut off the top and propagate it!



They don’t need a lot of water
Unlike most plants, succulents don’t need a lot of water and during the winter months they don’t need a lot of water at all since they are dormant, they aren’t growing and they don’t use up as much water. You can generally water your indoor succulents every 2 weeks, or even less depending on where you live. According to Succulents and Sunshine: “I get quite a few emails with people who think their succulents are dying because the leaves are wilting and shriveling up. Here is a little secret, just like all plants, eventually the lower leaves of succulents are going to shrivel up and die. You should only be concerned about dying leaves if the newest or uppermost leaves on your succulent are shriveling. If it’s just the ones near the bottom of the stem (closest to the soil), you don’t have anything to worry about!”



Avoid glass or other non-draining containers
Don’t flood your little succulent! Succulents do not like to be sitting in soggy soil so a glass jar (or terrarium) is not going to make your succulent happy, because it can promote bugs or diseases if the soil is too wet. If you simply must keep your plant in a glass container, be careful to not over-water. The best pots to use indoors are terra cotta and glazed ceramics because they provide great air flow and allow the soil to dry out easily.



They don’t like to be too hot or too cold
Watch the temperature! Succulents like to be warm during the summer and cool during the winter. If you can, keep the temperature in the summer between 70 and 80 degrees. During the winter, you’ll want your succulents to be a little colder, between 50 and 60 degrees.



Don’t let bugs be a problem
If you are watering your succulents well, getting them enough sunlight, air flow and keeping the right temperature, bugs should not be a problem. But they still can be! Your plants can get gnats if your soil stays too wet, this can be avoided by using a well draining soil mix. If you do get mealy bugs, you’ll want to spray them with rubbing alcohol and pour alcohol over the soil to kill any eggs they may have laid.