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Throughout history the hoop has been a form of recreation and exercise, as well as a form of artistic expression in Greek, Egyptian and Native American cultures. However it wasn’t until recently that it’s popularity skyrocketed in 1963 when Arthur Melin of Wham-O patented the plastic toy for a global market.

Since then, you may have spun a plastic circle around your waist as a child– but did you know the hula hoop can provide a full body workout? Even more, did you know the hula hoop is revolutionizing the world as a form of meditation and self-expression akin to yoga?

Ease into the groove and find your flow with a little help from the hooping community at Funland Tricks! On their YouTube channel and on dozens of others you’ll find step by step tutorials to help you meet new challenges and move in ways you never dreamed imaginable!

The Whip Isolation

Now that you’re comfortable with hooping around the waist– it’s time to explore new ways to hula! Isolations are a great beginner hoop exercise to tone your arms and build up strength for more complicated tricks down the road of your hooping journey. We love this variation from Marja called “The Whip”!

Behind the Back Throw

Hula hooping as a form of fitness is all about spatial awareness. Practice sharpening your reflexes and coordination with this simple Behind The Back Throw. From here you can combine tricks together and find your rhythm for a seamless & captivating dance. Remember to practice on both sides!

Circus Start With Legs

Here’s a stellar looking trick to start off your hoop routine! With the hoop in front of you, place one leg around and inside the hoop then use the momentum from your opposite knee to push the hoop around and catch it at your waist. With a little practice and a lot of patience, you’ll surprise yourself in ways you never imagined!

Like any challenge, it may seem impossible to master even the simplest maneuvers at first. But there’s nothing more rewarding than working towards a goal and nailing it with perseverance. Pretty soon you too will be hooping at the level of greats like Lisa Lottie, Tiana Zoumer & Rachel Lust (pictured below).

Rachel Lust In The Groove