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The Bachelor premiere aired January 2nd with a school of 30 eager bachelorettes all circling the hunky Nick Viall, each wanting to take a bite out of his heart.

Amongst the glittery and glamorous evening gown-clad ladies, one contestant really stood out.  “Aspiring dolphin trainer’,  Alexis emerged from the limo wearing the infamous ‘left shark’ costume circa Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Half Time show debut…

The absurdity of the situation got more ridiculous because Alexis refused to accept that she was wearing a shark costume! She stood her ground against anyone who suggested she was not a dolphin, even Nick. When Nick insisted “You’re a shark.” Alexis quickly shot back “I’m a dolphin!”  Watch his reaction.

There is no denying it, the costume is obviously a shark . Shark are fish with gills, a straight fin, no blow hole… But the most obvious way you can tell she is not a dolphin is that dolphins are known for their intelligence!

The level of obliviousness Alexis displayed,considering the fact that she claims to be a dolphin fanatic,  is particularly concerning. One thing is for certain, she made a porpoiseful impression. Will it reel Nick in or cast her out?

Watch the video clip from ABC to catch all the hilarity.