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There’s nothing cuter in this world than a teeny, tiny puppy. Your heart will instantly dissolve when you see their sweet little faces. These are 19 of the most adorable puppies we could find.

This little guy is a handful, literally!

[Credit: Pinterest]

 This tiny Frenchie is smaller than the giant leaf he’s carrying.

[Credit: imgur]

 This sweet little fella needs to be squished with love!

 It’s a pup in a cup.

This tiny lady is being coy!

[Credit: FatFrank on tumblr]

 This guy needs so many hugs because he’s the smallest little dude around.

 And this little girl is too tiny  to even imagine!

[Credit: Pinterest]

 This mini sir is the teeniest football player of all time!

[Credit: ViralNova]

 Fancy a cuppa tea with this wee lady and me?

[Credit: imgur]

Why don’t we look pretty with a clip in our bangs?

[Credit: Pinterest]

This cutie was all tuckered out so he took a nap in his food.

[Credit: BarkPost]

This adorable little buy just wants to chew a gargantuan bone!

She is unbelievably precious!

[Credit: PetsFans]

This adorable ball of fluff does look exactly like a teddy bear.

Talk about puppy eyes! This little one has nailed it.

Don’t you just want to cuddle this wee napper?

[Credit: Pugsandkisses]

This pocket puppy gets all the hearts.

[Credit: Pinterest]

Look at the size of those ears! It’ll take a while before he grows into them.

Can you imagine his view? Talk about perspective!

[Credit: imgur]