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With breast cancer awareness everywhere, we know how often this disease touches people’s hearts. The best way to reduce the amount of deaths each year is by catching it early. Women need to know the signs and how to perform a proper self-exam, because you never know it could save your life. This lemon analogy is a great way to help you visualize what cancer could look like, since it can come in many different forms.


With these 12 different ways that cancer could manifest itself visually, so make sure you always show your doctor if you experience any of these changes.


A cancerous lump is often hard and feels like a lemon seed. It can be hard to detect at times. It is suggested to check a few days after your period ends, because that is when your hormones are most normal.


There are many ways to detect and confirm breast cancer, and while it can be scary, it’s best that any changes do continue unchecked in case it is cancer.