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This cake is super adorable for Valentine’s Day or even just as a dessert on your anniversary! Creating these kisses could not be simpler, all you need is to start with a baked and frosted cake. I like this recipe for red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting that you can find here. It’s especially festive because of it’s red color.

What you’ll need to create your kisses:
Pearl Dust (You can find it at Michaels)
Clean/New Paint Brush
Scrap Cardstock
X-Acto Knife
Cake (Cold cake works better)


Draw your lip template. You can pull up a photo/clip-art on your computer and trace it, you can freehand it, or put some lipstick on and kiss the paper, then trace the outline as best you can. Make sure the top and bottom of the lip don’t connect to each other on the sides. Once you have your template, use an x-acto to cut the top lip shape and the bottom lip shape out.


To make the kisses, lay your stencil on top of your cooled cake. Dip your dry paintbrush right in to the pearl dust and start “painting” with it. Once your stencil is filled in, use both hands to lift it, parallel to the cake so that any loose dust doesn’t end up on the cake.