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Whether you are planning your annual winter vacation or you travel a lot for business, the flight can really make or break your trip. Just because you aren’t flying first class doesn’t mean you can’t have a comfortable trip in economy. These tips will help you be prepared so your trip is truly a vacation.

1. Dress Strategically
Layers are key to flying comfortably. You never know whether you will be warm on the plane or if the person next to you will have the fan on full blast. Choose stretchy cotton fabrics that are breathable like sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops and yoga pants. Avoid tight fitting clothes and could be itchy or lock in the heat. This also helps when you go through security that you don’t have to worry about access buttons and zipper setting off the metal detectors.

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2. Think About Your Footwear
So you may be sitting for long periods of time, but you never know when you may need to do a mad dash to your connection. Leave the high heels and heavy boots in your luggage because when you’re flying shoes that slip on and off easily will be invaluable. This will also help you get through security without a hitch since you aren’t messing around with laces and zippers.

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3. Bring Earplugs
You will find all types of annoying people on flights just when you don’t want it. Pack yourself a good pair of ear plugs and tune out crying babies and chatty neighbors and get some much needed shut eye.

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4. Pack a Snack
There’s nothing worse than sitting on a plane and then your stomach starts to growl. That means a long flight ahead for sure. Pack yourself a snack that will keep you feeling full for the hours in they sky you have ahead. Trail mix, crackers, and cookies are easy to pack into a plastic bag and shove in your purse. Keep those noisy and stinky foods at home. The rest of the plane will thank you!

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5. Arrive Early
No one wants to be late for a flight. Running through an airport with one shoe on and the contents of your carry on falling out of the unzipped bag if never a good feeling. It happens to the best of us some times though. Check in at the airport early online or arrive early so that you will save some time waiting in line and take some of the stress off your travels. You may even have some time for Duty-Free while you’re at it!


6. Choose Your Seat
Window or Aisle? Everyone has their own preference. But unless you want to be stuck in the middle seat next to the bathroom, take the time to pick the right seat. After all, location is key.

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7. Stay Hydrated
The cabin instead a plane is notoriously dry, it dries out your eyes, skin and leaves you feeling itchy and uncomfortable. After all you’re soaring through the air at 3,000 MPH in a giant metal tube, there’s bound to be some draw backs. Fill up your water bottle before boarding and stay hydrated throughout your flight. Also, skip the coffee and soft drinks so avoid the sugar and caffeine causing you to become dehydrated.

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8. Empty Your Pockets
We have all sat down and wondered what that was stabbing us in the pocket of our pants. Unload the contents of your pockets before you head to the airport, because not only will it make for an easier trip through security, it will make sure you aren’t feeling weighed down when you sit.

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9. Listen to Relaxing Music
Whether you are a nervous flyer or you love the experience, having the right tunes for the trip is key. From settling in for an overnight flight across the ocean or a short haul weekend getaway, bring the music to match! You can settle in with calm, relaxing music or score a pump-up playlist to get your vacation off to the right start. Some people like to create a playlist about the city they’re about to visit.


10. Use the Pillow and Blanket
They don’t give them out for no reason. For those longer flights take advantage of the complimentary pillow and blanket and get comfortable. Travelling with a neck pillow is always handy, but if you don’t have one a rolled up sweater will do the trick to help you get comfortable.

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11. Don’t Overpack
This is something I think we have all been guilty for. Whether you’re going away for a weekend and don’t want to check a bag or you bought too many gifts home from your trip, you don’t want to head to your seat with too many bags. Stuffing your stuff into those overhead bins can be a challenge and under your seat is taking up valuable leg room space. Pack light with only the essentials!

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12. Bring Something To Do
Your flight can feel like eternity if you don’t have something to occupy your time. Bring a book, a movie on a portable device (with headphones), colouring pages, a journal, anything that will keep you going through those hours in the air.

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