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I love wrapping gifts. Like most things I like, I’m pretty good at it. I love buying pretty wrapping paper but prefer to use it when time is limited. When I can, I love to create my own personalized wrapping paper and coordinating cards. Here some ideas to give your creative juiced flowing if you’d like to develop your own wrapping paper style. I typically decorate my paper after I’ve wrapped a gift, however, when time allows, I love creating wrapping paper to store for time-saving wrapping later.


Washi tape makes crafting even more fun by coming up with new ways to use it. Cut fun shapes and make your own wrapping paper in minutes. With so many colors and patterns available, the possibilities are endless!



All kind of stamps can be made with items you have around the house. Different sizes of string can add more texture to this idea using yarn.  You can also affix a button to a cork for an instant stamp, and a toilet paper roll makes a perfect circle stamp.



Painting a stencil onto plain paper make a beautiful homemade wrapping paper. Try different papers and paint colors. This is a fun project for little hands too.



Drawing, writing, or splattering are all great ways to make your own wrapping paper. Write the reason for the occasion in different fonts across plain paper for a personal touch. Drawing repetitive forms onto paper can also double as a relaxation exercise.



This fun project has a beautiful outcome. Kids will love the bubbles you create to make this gorgeous paper. Be sure to dress them up in painting clothes because this could get messy!




Polka dots never go out of style and this is the easiest way to make them I have seen. Kids will love this project too!



Make your own stamped wrapping paper in a snap using your own creative shapes and a rolling pin. This changes everything!



I love the marbled look and this is a great way to make a unique paper every time. You may want to keep and frame your favorite creations.



I love the simplicity of this idea which make professional looking paper in minutes.



The only thing better than polka dots, is 3D polka dots! Choose colors that work best with the season or occasion and go wild!