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I always have extra marshmallows and I hate to waste so I looked up some creative things I can do with them. Otherwise they either sit around or get eaten up and where’s the fun in that?


Hot Chocolate Stirrers can be created with any number of coatings but chocolate is the favorite by far. Use candy canes (festive or otherwise) for added fun.



You can create Marshmallow Frosting by adding a marshmallow to each cupcake towards the end of their baking. Brilliant!



Make Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glass. Because fun. And tasty.



If there’s a tiny space in the bottom of your waffle cone, which there frequently is, try this Ice Cream Cone Hack. and prevent the sticky mess.



Don’t wait to go camping to make Baileys-Dipped Toasted Marshmallows. Use the back yard fire pit or learn how to make them in your oven here.



Marshmallow Pops are another opportunity to get creative with decorations and flavors. I’m on a chocolate peanut kick so I’l be going that route.



Marshmallow Flowers are worth the little effort required. Get creative with flower types and colors to suit the season or special occasion.



Mint Chocolate Marshmallow Melts will have you buying more marshmallows to make these tasty treats on the regular.