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With the holidays coming up, I think we are all thinking one thing: How am I going to swing it this year?! It’s time to start saving money, but we all know how annoying it can be to find coupon codes or search for the best price. Get the most of your online shopping experience with the help of browser extensions! These handy tools are built right in to your web browser and can automatically find the cheapest price for items or search the web for discounts and deals for you. The best part is that they’re FREE and almost effortless to use.

1. Honey

My favorite add-on has to be Honey! You can download it here for Google Chrome or here for Firefox. Stop searching for online coupon codes and sale and let Honey do it for you! Click on the Honey button during checkout and Honey will automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart. Or click on the Honey button on a supported online store and instantly see all the coupons and sales available for the store. You can save a ton of money by getting the best price possible.

2. Pricescout

If you want the best bang for your buck, you need to check out Pricescout. You can download it here for Google Chrome or here for Firefox. Pricescout automatically checks for lower prices and money-saving coupons while you shop, otherwise it stays hidden.
Once you’ve installed it, you just shop as you would normally, and Pricescout will help you save money through automatic price comparison and coupon notifications. You need this app!

3. Fakespot

Fakespot is the best fake review analyzer out there, so you’ll never have to worry about quality again! You can download it here for Google Chrome or here for Firefox. Fakespot analyzes reviews intelligently and calculates a grade based on the authenticity of reviews involving the selected product. The service was created to help out online shoppers due to the enormous fraudulent industry behind creating fake reviews to hype up a product.