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Finally, accessories are good for something other than just looking fabulous! What if your ring could open a bottle? What if your bracelet counted your steps? What if your scarf held your precious, precious wine? The future is now, people, and it is GREAT.

1. Objcts Bottle-Opening Ring $36

This ring combines style with function, you can use it to easily pop the top off of any bottled beverage.


2. Swarovski Supreme USB Pendant $199

Swarovski has upped their game recently. Not only is this rose-gold necklace beautiful, it contains a flash drive that you can plug into your computer and store your files.


3. Areaware Flask Bracelet $19

You can store 1 oz. of liquid in this porcelain flask/bracelet. Hopefully that liquid is alcohol.


4. Clipa Purse Hook $15

Stop laying your expensive purse on dirty floors and bathroom stalls! The Clipa Purse Hook can be worn as a bracelet until the opportunity arises where you need to hang your purse somewhere.


5. Bellabeat LEAF $119+

The Bellabeat LEAF is an innovative piece of jewelry that doubles as a fitness tracker. Track your steps, stress level, even keep track of your cycles while wearing it as a clip, necklace, bracelet and more.


6. Geometric Planter Necklace $60+

Okay, maybe this isn’t the most practical item, but it sure is cute. This necklace is a planter that keeps small plants alive and close to your heart. All plants need a little love to grow, you know!


7. QBracelet $88

Believe it or not, the QBracelet is a wearable iPhone charger for both men and women! Finally, I never have to be without my iPhone!


8. Crochet Teething Necklace $30

They make tons of teething and breastfeeding jewelry for women, but this one is my favorite. It’s made from juniper wood that is completely safe for your baby to touch and chew on.


9. Clippa Lady Mini Tool Clip $9

Clippa Lady is functional in more ways than one! It’s a clip to hold your hair back, a bottle opener, scraper, ruler, small screwdriver and a nail file all-in-one.


10. SIREN Ring $199

The SIREN Ring might literally save your life. When twisted, the ring emits a high pitched sound that can ward off attackers or alert nearby passerby’s to an attack in progress.

11. Addi Flask Scarf $21

This scarf can be used to store your favorite beverage while you’re on a run or simply partying it up, your choice!