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Being sick is the absolute worst.

Being sick and having a cough is even more horrible.


It’s been said that store-bought cough syrups and lozenges don’t even help our coughs, the chemicals and numbing agents just make us THINK we are feeling better. Well I’m putting an end to that! Here are 7 things you can do at home to help your cough naturally, without any chemicals, and cheaper.

Cayenne Pepper Cough Remedy
This is cough medicine with a KICK! The powerful ingredients in this remedy are common everyday items: ginger, cayenne, cider vinegar and honey. They work together to create a potent remedy for cold symptoms and do a great job at clearing out congestion.
Find out how to make it here.


Honey and Lemon Tea
This is a tea made with no “tea”. It’s a hot cup of honey and lemon juice that helps cut through your congestion and soothe sore throats. You can also add ginger if you’d like.
Find out how to make it here.


DIY Pineapple Cough Syrup
Believe it or not, pineapple has cough suppressing benefits. This cough syrup is perfect thing for if you have kids who aren’t keen on “yucky” cough syrup. This stuff tastes great and really works! Just make sure you use fresh pineapple.
Find out how to make it here.


Lemon Ginger Clove Cough Drops
Yep, you can make your own cough drops. The honey in these drops is soothing and works as a natural cough suppressant. Lemon adds vitamin C. Ginger has anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as helping keep the immune system strong. The oil in cloves helps fight germs and also helps to loosen phlegm.
Find out how to make it here.


Herbal Steam
Inhaling a good herbal-y, steam-y concoction can do wonders for a cough. Boil up some water, pour it into a bowl with your herbs and essential oils, then cover your head with a towel and breathe it in through your nose. Add Ginger, Bay, Cloves, and Rosemary to boiling water if you have a cold. For a cough, add Cardamom, Peppermint, and Rosemary.
Find out how to make it here.


Honey and Thyme Cough Syrup
This cough syrup recipe includes thyme and honey. The honey in the syrup is soothing and the thyme offers a tons of great healing properties thanks to Thymol, a powerful antimicrobial that helps with coughs and sinus infections.
Find out how to make it here.


Homemade Vapor Rub
Did you know that store brand vapor rub can contain petrolatum (aka processed crude oil) and turpentine, a toxic substance that can be fatal to children in amounts as small as 3 teaspoons? Yeah, make your own, you’re better off.
Find out how to make it here.