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Making a New Year’s Resolution is the easy part! The focus, determination and planning it takes to follow through with a resolution can be much harder. But don’t worry, it’s definitely possible! A resolution should quickly turn into a habit if you follow these simple steps!


Realize that New Year’s Day is just a day! It definitely is a convenient time of year to make changes because it feels like a new beginning, but don’t put so much emphasis on the date. Think of the 1st like a jumping-off point for change.


Keep your resolutions realistic. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you plan to lose 20 pounds by February. Choose an area if your life that you know needs improvement, rather than a radical change. Thinking long term can really hinder your success, break goals down into chunks so you can realistically accomplish them individually rather than all at once.


Write down your goals. Once you’ve decided on your attainable resolutions, write them down, like a contract! Writing down your resolutions creates a greater connection between your thinking self and your doing self.

dude The trick to breaking an old habit and forming a new one is to give yourself 21 days to achieve it. Giving up something cold turkey on day 1 will probably cause you to give in eventually. The key is to keep it gradual.



Don’t forget to celebrate and reward yourself. Celebrate your successes! Just make sure you don’t go against your resolution in the process. Also, keep going! Why stop now when you’ve done this well? Work your resolution into your everyday routine and maybe by next year, you’ll be able to face your next challenge and be more than ready.