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It sounds counter-intuitive at first. Use oil to wash my face? Yes! Oil cleansing is a completely natural, inexpensive method that delivers beautiful results.

Image Source: Buzzfeed

As women, we put so much time and effort into achieving clear, glowing skin free of blackheads, pimples and other besmirchments. It seems to evade us at every turn no matter how many serums, toners, or “advanced complexes” we slather on it. The skin care companies grow rich off us. (I should know I am a VIB Rouge at Sephora).

It sounds kinda crazy to use oil to cleanse our skin. But, it actually is just what we should be using! Basically, the idea of the oil cleansing method is to use oils to balance our skin’s natural oils. Remember from high school chemistry class that “like dissolves like”. It’s true. Oil dissolves oil. The best way to dissolve and remove dirty sebum oil, that hardens and clogs pores to make blackheads and pimples, is to use a clean natural oil. Guess what else? It works for every skin type. Every skin type!

Image Source: Mother Earth Living

It works! I have combination skin with some very, very dry patches. Since I’ve been using only oil cleansing, I have had completely clear, luminous skin with zero dry flaky patches! Now, there was a brief adjustment period of about a week when my skin got slightly worse. But, that is normal and to be expected as part of the detox reaction as your skin’s impurities are removed and your pores become decongested.

Image Source: The Oil Cleansing Method

If you’re ready to try the oil cleansing method, here’s what you’ll need and how to do it.

Most people use castor oil or hazelnut oil and a second oil like argan oil. The important thing is to get a high quality oil (organic and cold pressed is usually best). A lot of essential oil companies adulterate their oils with other chemicals, yuck! I purchase my oils from Mountain Rose Herbs and I’m very happy with their practices and products.

You’ll do a little experimenting depending on your skin type to get the oil ratios right.

I use 1/2 Castor Oil and 1/2 Argan Oil. (Castor Oil is astringent and argan oil is moisturizing).

To cleanse your face:

  1. Pour a quarter size of oil blend into the palm of your hand and massage it into your skin (without wetting your skin first). Do this for about 60 secs and yes it removes makeup. You can leave the oil on longer if you feel like your pores are very congested.
  2. Place a clean washcloth under very hot tap water then wring it. Open it and place it over your face to steam your face and open the pores. Leave the washcloth on your face for about a minute. Then gently pat your face with washcloth and you’re done! There will be a little oil still on the surface of your skin but that is beneficial. No need to wipe it off.