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Who else thinks that micro pigs are the CUTEST EVER? A miniature pig (also mini pig, or micro pig) is a breed of pig developed for use as a pet. They can weigh between 75 pounds to 150 pounds when fully grown, while farm pigs may weigh more than 700 pounds. I seriously want one as a pet, but until then, I can just stare at adorable GIFs of them on the internet.

1. Cris P. Bacon is a pig who uses a wheelchair. YAY!

2. This piggy getting squeaky clean looks so happy and fuzzy.

3. Who doesn’t enjoy a good belly scratch now and again?

4. Launching into your oatmeal is the ONLY way to eat breakfast.

5. I’ve never seen anybody so excited about leaves!

6. Those eyes!!

7. Do a barrel roll!

8. These babies are so adorable and small. I want 700 of them!

9. Zoom!

10. He must’ve had a long hard day being an adorable pig. 🙂

11. Sometimes they are BFF with cows and my life is complete.

12. Cuddly and snuggly in a blanket.

13. SO SMALL. And bouncy!

14. Getting some exercise.

15. I can’t even take it anymore.

16. I saved the best for last, watch this cute little teacup piggy run around in excitement! (Listen to those itty bitty snorts!)