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There’s nothing more satisfying than consuming something that is on a stick. The jury is still out on why that is exactly. I am confident it’s because it’s so cute and allows us to eat with our hands without getting them dirty. Delight young and old by making and serving these delicious savory pops. Let’s face it, they’re pretty fun to make too.

Corndog Pops turn a not-so-classy treat into something downright sophisticated. Make a selection of fun dips to serve alongside them and you’ll be the talk of the town.



If you’d prefer to serve something with a little more class, then Smoked Salmon Pops are for you. I’ll just have to restrain myself from eating all that delicious fish while I am assembling them.



What’s deep fried and doesn’t taste fantastic? Exactly. Nothing.  Buffalo Chicken Pops turn your classic chicken nugget into a flavor extravaganza. A few dip selections is always a good idea. however, these are also great on their own.



Bacon Pops. Because bacon. Seriously. That is all I have to say about them.



Cheese Ball Pops are so much easier than breaking crackers and ruining a beautifully-sculpted cheese ball. They’re also far easier to store if there are any leftovers. Although there likely won’t be any.



Kids will talk about Taco Pops for days and years if you make them. They’ll be so excited about them they may even offer to help. Maybe. Probably not.



I had a college roommate who would do just about anything for jalapeno poppers. Nobody will appreciate Jalapeno Popper Pops more than she will but I bet they’ll make a few new fans along the way.jalapeno-popper-pops


I was skeptical about Mac & Cheese Pops  but they are really something. The perfect combination of flavors and textures to delight your senses.



If you think the taco pops are a hit, wait until you serve Pizza Pops. This will be a regular request at your table and you’ll want to make them again and again.



Yet another food that had me scratching me head until I tried it. Chicken Waffles are much better than they sound. In fact, I have started making all kinds of savory waffles now that I’ve finally tried them. Best of all, they are adorable little pops.