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Buying refills for my plug-in air freshener is the worst. They’re expensive, wasteful and not to mention store bought plug-ins contain VOC (volatile organic compounds) which are highly toxic. VOC cause all kinda of problems from infertility to headaches, nervous system problems, memory loss and cancer. I found this way that you can actually “make” your own refills for this beloved air freshener. All you need are some of your favorite essential oils!

Step 1: Remove the wick part, plastic rim and all, then empty and rinse it out.

Step 2: Find an essential oil you like. For the holidays, peppermint would be great. But I also love lavender, orange, eucalyptus and lemon.

Step 3: Pour your oil into the bulb, only fill it ou about 1/3 of the way.

Step 4: Fill the rest of the bulb with water, but keep in mind the wick takes up some volume.

Step 5: Pop the wick back in the bulb, screw the entire thing back into the plug-in part and enjoy!