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Savvy Saving Tips

July 8, 2016 | Interest

If you’re anything like me, you have to try to save money. There’s just not enough money coming in to do otherwise or you’re concerned about ensuring that you have enough in the future. The tricky part to saving money is making a plan and coming up with effective ways to save those pennies that don’t feel like punishment or are too hard to implement over the long haul. Here are some tips for saving money that aren’t so strict that you’ll abandon them 2 weeks in.

Sign up for all the customers rewards programs you can find. 

Many retailers offer their customers rewards for being loyal to their store. I belong to Ralphs, CVS, Walgreens, basically every club or points system that I could find. I do a lot of grocery shopping at Ralphs because it is close to where I live and I’ve noticed that if you’re not a member, the prices are way higher. They also send me coupons in the mail.

It’s not only Ralphs and other supermarkets that do this to earn your loyalty, so do brands. Many stores and restaurants offer Birthday gifts! Why not eat for free on your birthday? Here are some brands and stores that you can join today:

Sign up with Ulta to earn points that will give you $ off your purchases.

Join Del Taco’s EClub for 2 Free Chicken Tacos.

Get A Free Birthday Gift From Sephora.

Get Special Birthday Gifts For Your Child at Toys R Us.

Get Cash For Shopping With Checkout 51.


Make a grocery list before you head out shopping and stick to it.

This is definitely a tricky one for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought too much at Ralphs because I went there hungry. I just start grabbing stuff off the shelf like a mad woman. Making a list of the things you require based on a weekly meal plan is even better if you can manage it. Make sure to take stock of what you already have in the freezer, pantry, and fridge before you head out.

Another good tip for keeping the bill low at the grocery store is to stay around the periphery of the store where the produce, dairy, and meat sections are. The processed and packaged goods like crackers, etc. tend to be a bit more pricey and aren’t as good for you anyway.

Write It Down.

If you’ve ever been to a credit counselor, you’ve heard this one before. Keep a log of your spending and write down everything. I mean absolutely everything. Before I started doing this, I had a general idea of how much I spent on what but when I actually began putting it all down on paper I was shocked to see how much I actually spent on little things that really added up.

Clip Those Coupons!

Try shopping and stocking up on sale items especially when you see good savings on essentials like cleaning products, paper towels, etc. Check out these current coupons that we’ve collected for you here. You can also find great coupons on app like Coupon Sherpa and Shopular.

Get Creative With Gifts And Activities.

Do-it-yourself projects are a great and inexpensive way to entertain yourself. If you have a creative side you’ve never really explored, now is the time! If you’re like me, you’ll find that you get way more out of creating than consuming. Here are some great DIY ideas that would make terrific presents, perfect homemade recipes and more:

DIY Goodnight Essential Oils Rollerball Blend.

DIY Face Masks For Every Skin Type.

Turn Your Old Concert T-Shirt Into Wall Art.

Healthy, Homemade Treats Your Pup Will Love.

Be sure to check back for more ways to save even more money, see all the latest and greatest free samples, coupons and giveaways we’ve found for you!