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Everybody loves bite-size food, but not everyone’s crazy about sushi. These recipes blend both style and taste offering alternatives to raw fish without leaving out the fun. Chopsticks recommended. Because chop sticks.

1. Sushi Sandwich. Turn any plain old sandwich into a rolling good time by wrapping them in break instead of serving them the traditional way. The possibilities are endless and you’ll have a good time making them.


2. Pinwheels look like sushi and are even easier to make. The recipe feature flavored flat breads with cream cheese and sandwich meats. Again, an infinite number of combinations are possible to suit the season or occasion.




3. Bananas are the perfect sushi substitute and this Nutella & Banana Sushi idea is to die for! For a healthier twist, subsitute peanut butter for the chocolate spread. Or add peanut butter for an awesome peanut butter banana party in your mouth.


4. I love adding a little color to my plate so these Cream Cheese Spinach Tortilla Rolls are right up my alley. I like adding a little lettuce for some added crunch.



5. I was a bit skeptical about these Pickle Roll Ups at first but my husband pointed out that I serve plates with all these ingredients separately, so I may like them mixed together. And he was right! This brought him great job as I so rarely utter those words. Ha!



6. My family’s favorite from this list are the Taco Pizza Rolls. They are incredibly easy to make and beyond delicious! They also blend my kids’ favorite meals so there’s no complaining. 🙂


7. If my son has his way, we would eat Pizza Pinwheels every night of the week. To be honest, I don’t think anyone would complain. I let the kids choose their own toppings and it’s always fun to have them helping in the kitchen, even if it does make for more clean up.