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If you woke up one day and realized your an actual bonafide grownup, then you are probably doing these things. Read these signs of maturity that hallmark adulthood.

You consider the consequences of your actions. That means skipping those last few rounds of shots on Saturday night.

Most of the pics on your phone are of your spouse, pets or babies.

You are concerned about your health. You spend time taking care of your well-being. You read nutrition labels and try to avoid artificial sweeteners, preservatives and nitrates. You even have a workout schedule.

When you go out for a meal with your parents, you pick up the check.

You don’t have time for drama. Gone are the days when you couldn’t wait to dive into the chaos. Now you enjoy peace and quiet with trustworthy, reliable friends.

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Cleaning is a habit not a fluke event. You’re not ok with letting the dishes pile up in the sink or mold form in the tub!

Sleep is a precious commodity now. You no longer pride yourself on being a night owl but get as much shut eye as possible when you can.

You care for your clothes. You select quality threads and no longer buy just what is in style. You consider what will stand the test of time.

Image Source: Etsy via Buzzfeed

You throw dinner parties instead of keggers.

Reality TV shows no longer captivate you. You actually get excited about learning new things by watching Ted talks and documentaries.

You have house plants and they do not die (because you water them regularly)!

Getting kitchen appliances is fun! You have your eye on that KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

You enjoy spending quality time with your parents. You even listen to their advice!

You can cook. Legitimately cook meals that  are not spaghetti.

Image Source: chictraveler

You have a budget, pay your bills on time and yes, oh yes, have responsibilities!

Congratulations! You are all grown up!

Image Source: Smosh