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Is there a particular animal who speaks to you? Do you have unexpected encounters with an animal or a special affinity for one? Read about these spirit animals to see which one you respond to. Which animal are you? Which animal are your friends?

The Owl

The owl has developed a reputation for being wise and observant. If you have an owl spirit, you enjoy solitary pursuits. You  appreciate reading, working quietly diligently on projects and often excel at your endeavors. Inspiration comes to you at night as you perform well in seclusion. You are respectful of others, don’t seek out attention or show off.  The owl can be trusted to view conflicts impartially and with diplomacy. People seek you out for your fair-minded perspectives and attitudes. You have a handful of deep friendships but are not gregarious by nature. Because of your integrity, you are respected by your colleagues and within your community.

Image courtesy of: The Awesome Daily

The Fox

If a fox is your animal, you have a sharp mind and quick wit. Others should be careful not to anger you because of your cleverness and harsh tongue. You can dole out a lashing if you are provoked. The fox is curious and playful. You love overcoming challenges and exploring forbidden places and pursuits. Your natural athleticism and adventurous attitude make you attractive to others. The female fox is called a vixen and often leaves a trail of broken hearts. You enjoy your freedom and don’t want a relationship which restricts your independence or cramps your style.

Image courtesy of: Inspiriationde

The Dolphin

The dolphin is a joyful optimist. If you are a dolphin your first mandate is to play. Gregarious by nature, you are at home in social situations and enjoy being the center of attention. The dolphins is very physical and has a deeply sexual nature. You have a light heart and laugh easily. Others enjoy spending time with you and you have many friends. Your social calendar is always full as you are known to be the life of a party. The dolphin does well in careers like public relations, event manager and sales.

Image courtesy of: Donegal Now

The Wolf

The wolf has the reputation of being a loner but this is not quite true. The wolf mates for life and is an extremely loyal and devoted partner. If you have a wolf spirit you are all about family. Fiercely protective, you defend your loved ones and go to great lengths to keep them safe. You don’t have a wide circle of friends but prefer to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest. At work, you are intensely ambitious and perform well under pressure. You are a natural leader and impress upon your colleagues and community the value of working together. People look up to you and follow your directions.

Image courtesy of: Animal El Mondo

The Meerkat

The meerkat is petite, attractive and intelligent. You are a family and team-oriented individual who cares deeply for others. The meerkat gives generously and unselfishly to others. You give back to your community through being a good neighbor, helping the elderly and tending to the sick. The meerkat tries to resolve conflicts and is often drawn in to disputes to act as a mediator. You just want everyone to get along! Meerkats are well-suited to jobs that involve helping others like social work, teaching and health care.  The meerkat loves music and art of all kinds and can be often found at live music shows, galleries and museums.

Image courtesy of: Photobucket

The Elephant

The elephant is a kind, spiritual being. If you are an elephant, you exude a quiet, regal presence. Others may find your humble confidence intimidating. The elephant is sure about herself, her path and her goals. You are trust worthy and genuine if a little serious. Respected by others for your honesty and integrity, you find yourself in positions of power. The elephant makes an excellent parent ans spouse. She is committed and reliable. People may  depend on your even-temper and calm attitude in times of distress. You are a beloved friend.

Image courtesy of: Tumblr user Johan Swanepoel

The Penguin

The penguin is the bird of contradictions. If you are a penguin you are described as beguiling but unpredictable. The penguin is gentle but can be aggressive, shy but boisterous, intelligent but ruled by her emotions. Those who love you love you intensely but many will find you too fluctuating in mood. The penguin is extremely creative and is admired for her artistic and poetic genius. Your dramatic nature makes you a natural performer. You love theater and you are a gifted actor because you understand and can experience the full range of emotions. People respond to you and are fascinated by you. You struggle with insecurity despite the appreciation you are given.

Image courtesy of: Clever Classroom Blog