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My first apartment was a tiny (really, really, tiny!) studio. I was grateful for a space of my own but it did pose some serious storage challenges. Every square inch was valuable and I had to get creative with stashing my stuff. Here are some ideas I wish I had thought of back then.

1. Landing Cubby

There is nothing smarter than using dead space more effectively. When space is limited, we really can’t afford to lose any nook or cranny available to us.

2. Staircase Drawers

This is the best use I have seen for storage under stairs. While having a cupboard space is handy, these drawers can hold a lot more stuff in an organized fashion. No more digging everything out to get the box you stashed way in the back. Brilliant!

3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

I opted for a loft bed in my little nest. It worked wonderfully for me, however, it did make the space feel claustrophobic for guests sitting under the bed. I love this idea which offers storage, more floor space, and makes the space feel more spacious.

4. Skinny Pantry

There is always that obnoxious space between the wall and the refrigerator. I used to keep my broom shoved in there for lack of anywhere else to put it. This rolling pantry shelving adds a ton of storage space without the added visual clutter of wall mounts or open shelving. Check out the DIY instructions here.

5. Luxurious Loft

If you have the ceiling height, adding a loft space can increase your floor space significantly. Having your bedroom or office tucked away upstairs will give a comfortable retreat feeling where you can get away from it all. You can also adapt the stairway into shelving or cupboards to store your stuff.

6. Shelf Drawers

I decided I couldn’t fit a microwave in my space and lived without one for years as a result. It was inconvenient but I decided I needed the counter space more than the convenience. Now you don’t have to make such drastic choices! These pull out shelves are a great place for your appliances.

7. Magical Counter Space

A table on wheels and a cabinet easily fit under this kitchen island. This would be a great idea under any counter space. It maximizes your counter space and can double as a place to eat, or as a desk. I love this idea!


8. Hidden Table

I have seen this idea made with a piece of art but I think having a mirror on the wall is more valuable in a small space. It will maximize the available light and give the illusion of more space. You could even design it to have some storage like a medicine cabinet. Mind. Blown.

9. Window Sill Shelf

Creating more spaces where you can sit and eat or study is always a good thing. This shelf won’t take up space when you don’t need it and it easy enough for you to make yourselg with a little skill and the right tools. Learn how to make it here.


10. Murphy Bed Love Seat.

I saved the very best for last. The only reason I didn’t have a murphy bed was because I didn’t want to rearrange the furniture twice every day. I had a friend who did and she seemed fine with it but I am just lazier than she is. This design is beautiful and highly functional. Almost makes me want to turn my bedroom into a library!