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Trick-or-Treating will forever be my favorite memory from when I was growing up. It was fun to dress up in costumes and consume copious amounts of candy! Some kids aren’t that lucky though. Some battle food allergies, celiac disease, diabetes, food intolerances and other special diets. They shouldn’t be left out of the trick-or-treating fun! While there’s no way that anyone can possibly accommodate every child while handing out treats, there’s a way to fix that.

This year, if you see a teal pumpkin on someone’s porch, it means the homeowners know that not all kids can have all foods and that they’ll be able to provide a fun non-food treat on October 31st. The Teal Pumpkin Project is working hard to make sure all kids are included in this holiday. They are getting the word out to everyone that having non-food treats at your home makes it a safe place to trick-or-treat. Think about how much it would mean for kids to be included?

Kids will be excited to receive small gifts in their bag like glow sticks, bookmarks, crayons or small notebooks, and they won’t feel ripped off because they can’t have the same treats other kids can get. Plus, it can really help ease the minds of their parents.

So if you’re happy to help kids with dietary restrictions feel a little more included this Halloween, paint your pumpkin TEAL! Make sure to put your gourd outside a few days in advance so they know to stop by!

Source: WPRI