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Creatures from the deep sea are terrifying. It is like an entirely different world down there with animals straight from a horror movie. Here’s a few of the creepiest ones to give you nightmares and stop you from swimming in the ocean for a while.

Goblin Shark

Image Courtesy Of: Montgomery College

Fang Tooth

Image Courtesy Of: Endless Ocean

Frilled Shark

Image Courtesy Of: NPR

The Black Swallower


Image Credit: Top Yaps

Blob Fish

Image Source: Conservation Magazine

Gulper Eel

Image Courtesy Of: Brain Jet

Long Nose Chimaera Fish

Image Courtesy Of: Koryos Writes

Black Dragonfish


Image Source: BizLifes

Stargazer Fish

Image Source: Ugly Animals

Barreleye Fish

Image Source: Kids Discover


Image Retrieved from: Animal Facts

Angler Fish


Image Source: National Geographic