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People make fun of Americans for treating their pets like babies. The Japanese take their pet adoration to the next level. Kitties and pups in Japan have it good, real good. They’re treated with extra love, showered with gifts, outfits and even special carriages.


Credit: Tsunagu Japan

With a declining birth rate, pets are in fact, regarded as an alternative to having children. There are more pets in Japan than children and these children deserve the best with no expense spared!

So what is the latest pet trend in Japan? The “Neko Muffler” or “Cat Scarf”! The knitted red and blue acrylic scarf comes in two sizes to get your pet from kitten through adulthood and comes in a special stylish gift box. Interested pet owners may purchase the collar directly from col cat only or Amazon Japan for about $17.50 USD.


Do you think this cat cravat craze will come to the U.S.? I say if you’re crafty, why not bring this feline fashion trend home and knit or crochet one for your kitty? That way you can select the color, style and yarn yourself.

He really really wants one! All the cool cats have one.


Credit: Pinterest

Go on, he deserves it! The question is: how much do you love your furbaby?

I’m turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so…

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