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As women we spend so much time and money on our appearance. We care a great deal for our skin from the outside with creams, serums and treatments. But remember the old adage: you are what you eat? It turns out that your diet has a huge impact on your complexion. Poor nutrition can cause acne, puffiness and inflammation, damage your skin and cause premature aging! Scary. Here’s a list of some food nasties to stay away from to keep your skin looking great.

Sugar and Processed or Refined Foods

Image Source: Swanson Health Blog

Simple carbohydrates and high glycemic foods (found in packaged and processed foods) wreak havoc on blood sugar levels. This results in more sebum production (causing acne and rough skin) and inflammation (which dulls the skin and causes premature aging). So, to keep a youthful, smooth and dewy complexion, try to minimize your intake of sugar, in all forms.  Try to consume more complex carbohydrates, whole grain products, and avoid packaged goods like cereals, chips, cookies, crackers, etc.


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Caffeine is the fuel on which many of us depend but it can have harmful effects on our bodies and our complexions. Only 2 or 3 8 oz cups of coffee a day will cause your body to produce more cortisol – aka “the stress hormone”. This causes premature aging, sagging and thin skin. Boo.


Image Source: Kimberly Snyder

The hormones in dairy products can cause breakouts and many yogurts are full of sugar. The hormones are more bioavailable in low fat dairy, so go for the full fat, hormone free options. Plain yogurt is actually good for your skin if it is full fat.


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When the beer goggles come off, your face is less than a pretty site. Alcohol is dehydrating which makes fine lines and wrinkles pronounced. It also makes your blood vessels dilate turning your face red, puffy and saggy.


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Salt causes the body to retain water which makes you puffy especially around your eyes. It also causes inflammation which ultimately slows down your skin’s ability to regenerate itself. This leads to aging skin.