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Summer is in full swing and the mercury is reaching its highest point! If we’re melting, you can bet our four-legged friends are feeling the heat also. Overheating can be dangerous for dogs, so we’ve put together a few fun tips to help you keep your dog cool and safe in the heat.

Throw a pool party! Kiddie pools are super handy in the summer.

[Credit: OhMyShitTzu]

Make your furry bestie a peanut butter and banana pup-sicle! Combine a very ripe banana, plain yogurt, a bit of honey and peanut butter and pour into a popsicle mold or plastic cup. You can use a milk bone as the handle!

[Credit: HoustonPress]

Wrap a cold bandana around his neck! Soak the bandana and keep it in the fridge. Ever noticed how a dog will spread out on a cool tile floor? A dog loses heat from the bottom up, so make sure to get apply a cool wet towel to his tummy.

[Credit: Etsy]

Make sure to keep your best friend hydrated by providing lots of water. Bring a portable water bowl with you when you walk. Try to walk in the early morning or evening when the temperature is lowest. Asphalt can sear those tender paws.

[Credit: BerkeleyDogAndCat]

If all else fails, invite yourself over to the neighbors with the pool!