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If this time of year gets you down, then just look at these little faces and you won’t help but smile from the inside out. Even the least pleasant animals have cute babies. Take this baby hyena for instance.

Imagine being pregnant twice as long! Momma rhinos do it. And the babes weigh 55-100 lbs! Ouch!



Did you know there are only two kinds of hippo left? The name translates as “horse of the river” and they are the third-largest land mammal. This little cutie doesn’t scare me though!



It’s not surprise that giraffe’s are the tallest living animals being born 6 feet tall on average. They are 1 of 2 living animals with ossicones on their head which are like antlers or horns, but are actually neither.





Male elephants are the largest land animal and the only surviving member of their order. The 2 (or 3 depending on who you ask) kinds of elephants are listed as vulnerable and endangered. Save the elephants so we can see more frizzy-haired cuties!



Gorillas make nests on the ground and the young stay in the nests with their mothers until about 3 years of age when they make their own nest near their mothers.



A typical moose eats 70 lbs of feed each day. They are excellent swimmers and can even dive down to get vegetation at the bottom of a body of water.



There are 8 species of bears throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Bears can occupy their dens and sleep for a few months during the winter. But they do not actually hibernate.



The white-tailed deer, or Bambi as my kids call them, can be found as far south as Central America as a native species but have also been introduced to many other regions. Until today I had no idea that other types of deer even existed.




There are several hundred breeds of  sheep that are typically categorized by the type of wool they create. There are also sheep meat but how can we even think about that with this little cutie on our screen.



Wild boar eat almost as many varied foods as we do. And an adult can eat over 4,000 calories each day!