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[Credit: Comicbook]

 Attention all fans of The Walking Dead! The Universal Studios’ year-round attraction is finally open and it’s guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of you!

Park-goers have to battle their way through the dead in a completely immersive, walk-through experience. The “ride” begins in Harrison Memorial Hospital which is the same medical building that Rick Grimes woke up in at the beginning of the series.  The settings, and scenes of the maze are pulled from the show – the greatist hits of the series. You’ll pass through the classic “Don’t open, dead inside doors”, travel through the prison and you’ll recognize walkers from the show along the way like Bicycle Girl.

[Credit: Zap2it]

The animatronics are terrifying for sure, but there are real actors playing walkers that jump out to make you scream and maybe even pee your pants. The loud explosions, creepy post-apocalyptic ambiance, bloody sights and ominous music are sure to make even the bravest tremble.

When you’re not terrified and running for your life, there are Easter eggs hidden throughout the attraction like Rick’s hat, Judith’s baby seat and more.

The attraction encompasses the first six seasons but there is plenty of room in the maze for evolution as the series progresses.

So, when are you going?