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What makes a relationship happy and healthy? Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is the tricky part. But, it doesn’t have to be. Contentment and fulfillment is what we’re all after in our love relationships. How do you live happily ever-after? Here’s the lowdown of things to do everyday.


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This might sound like a no-brainer, but many couples withhold their inner world’s from each other.  Share your thoughts, concerns and dreams with each other. Spend an hour a day just talking. Turn the cell phone, tablet and other electronic devices off  when you do this, giving your partner your full attention. Fill your spouse in on what happened during your day. Creating dialogue draws you together, builds trust (the cornerstone of any relationship) and helps you to avoid misunderstandings.

Laugh Together

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I fell in love with my husband for his sense of humor. He is truly the funniest person I know. (Full disclosure, he is a successful comedian and writer for a late-night TV show. So, that helps!). But, regardless of how roll-on-the-floor-funny your partner is, laughter is the best medicine. Cracking jokes and giggling together increases love between 2 people. Play with each other and enjoy good, deep belly roars and watch the positivity in your relationship soar!

Show Affection

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After being together for years, you may forget to give each other a kiss before you head off for work. But, showing daily affection is a powerful injection of love in a relationship. Remember to cuddle, give bear hugs, hold hands and pat each other’s butts. Always kiss goodnight. And, oh yes, the good stuff; make love as often as possible. Busy? Schedule it in!

Spend Time Together

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It is very important to spend quality time together. You can watch the late night news, cook together, play board games, whatever you are into. Do this just the two of you. No kids. Make it a habit of going on a date with your partner as frequently as you can. You can dress up and go out for a meal, walk in the park or grocery trip. Just make sure you are together!

Make Plans For Your Future Together

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Creating shared dreams and plans for the future allow you to grow together instead of apart. Imagine the places you would like to travel, the home you would like to create and the goals you would like to achieve jointly and as individuals. Support each other in your dreams. Remember that you are a team so plan your lives as a pair to strengthen the bond between you and enrich your adventure through life together.

Express Appreciation

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Everyone likes to feel appreciated for their efforts. Be sure to shower praise and express gratitude to your partner for all of the little things they do to make your lives easier. Don’t just say it! Do everything you can to make their lives easier and more fun too!

Share Common Interests

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What if your guy’s thing is Comicon? So be it. Having common interests cements you together. He may not like watching the Real Housewives Of… but he does because you like it and he is into you. Explore joint activities that you both can enjoy. Doing something your partner is really interested in shows you care and that you are committed to your life together.

Give Compliments To Each Other

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A sincere compliment will be felt for the rest of the day and maybe even the week. Happy couples commend each other for their strengths, like their people skills, generosity and kindness. They express admiration for each other in the way they parent their children, handle difficult situations and get things done. Complimenting your spouse’s physical appearance and attractiveness is key. Everyone wants to feel desirable. Be sure to say things like “Honey, you make that shirt look good”!

Forgive Each Other


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Being able to let of resentments., grievances and disappointments is crucial to a healthy, happy relationship. Happy couples understand that sh*t happens. We all have imperfections. Be open and make a decision to forgive your partner fully. Never throw old mistakes or annoyances in your spouse’s face. Do not use it as ammunition in an argument. Letting old hurts fester is dangerous for a relationship and can lead to bitterness and the loss of love. Remember to have an attitude of gratitude, for better or for worse. Choose for better.