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The latest thing that set the internet ablaze is Nusret Gokce #SaltBae- a Turkish Chef/ Restaurateur who owns a chain of Nusr-Et steakhouses with locations in Turkey and Dubai. People all over the world are losing it for him. He has one million Instagram followers!

It’s his sensuous, almost erotic, preparation of meat that has all mouths watering. Here’s a pretty good example of what has Instagram followers hearts racing. Watch his salt sprinkle as he flexes his biceps – oh my!

Ottoman steak 🔪

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With his slicked back ponytail and round sunglasses, he resembles a young Robert Downey Jr. meat magician! Watch as he slathers butter on tenderloin to classical music like a maestro himself. Seriously, watch this and tell me you don’t drool a little.

Masaj müzik Sevgi

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I don’t know about you but I would definitely go to his restaurant! Licking your lips yet or still not convinced? Try this last video where he delightfully slaps a steak!


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Ok and here’s one of him jumping rope, just ’cause.🙌 Enjoy!

İyi atliyorsun dediler (bu aksam Ankara nusretteyız

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