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These fearless ladies dyed their hair daring colors and they all ROCKED it. I’m not saying natural hair is boring… But I have a feeling that having rainbow hair just makes your life complete. If you want one of these 17 colorful looks for yourself, consult with your stylist before running out and slapping boxed dye on your head. Things can go south pretty quickly and you’ll be left with a mess on your head or even worse, you could do irreparable damage to your lovely locks. Happy coloring!



1. Purple gradient curls are a thing of pure magic.


2. Yellow hair can be fierce AND cheerful at the same time. (Check out that black lipstick <3 )

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.


3. Woman or Mermaid? You be the judge.


4. Pastel purple hair is probably the thing dreams are made of.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr.


5. Green dreadlocks make my world go ’round. Check out that scarf coordination.


6. Youtube star Jenna Marbles changes her hair so often it’s hard to keep track. I love this silvery-blue and peach ombre look on her.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.


7. Literally rainbows.

Rainbow Fat braid @shannynpaige #rainbowhair #fatbraid #dutchbraid #frenchbraid #rainbowbraid

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8. These soft blue waves need to be on my head RIGHT. NOW.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.


9. Soft pink hair is so in right now, and rightly so.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.


10. WHAT. How can one hair style be so perfect?!

Tutorial on this makeup look will be up tmmw.

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11. Work it girl. This purple ombre makes me want to go out and get my hair done right this second.

Courtesy of Pinterest.


12. I can’t even deal with this short pink pixie cut, she ROCKED this look.

Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed.


13. Good news for me, grey is IN baby!

Courtesy of The Gloss.


14. Hayley Williams is the lead singer of Paramore, and she’s always changing her hair color. I’m in love with her short orange bob.

Photo courtesy of Style Bistro.


15. I love everything about this photo, the fabulous blue hair, the red lipstick, classy glasses. Can I be her please?


16. Pastel rainbow, for when you want to look like a beautiful troll doll.

Photo courtesy of Bored Panda.



Photo courtesy of Favim.