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Do you struggle with wrapping? With the holidays around the corner, don’t stress about getting those gifts wrapped and looking great under the tree. When you need to gift an oddly shape present, don’t get hung up on the wrap thanks to these simple instructions from Style Expert Amy E. Goodman. With these simple steps you will be able to get the wrapping done on all your oddly shaped gifts this year.

Step 1: Measure and cut how much paper you will need. Make sure it’s big enough to cover the entire gift.


Step 2: Remove the gift and fold the edges to meet in the center and tape down.


Step 3: Fold the bottom end upwards. This will become the ‘base’ of your bag.


Step 4: Open the flap and flatten out the corners.


Step 5: Fold the top and bottom of the corners in like a diamond and secure it with tape.


Step 6: Open the bag and put in the gift. Feel free to add ribbon, bows or embellishment to complete your presentation.


Watch the Video Here:

SYSK Wrapping Odd Giftszulily Lifestyle Editor Amy Goodman reveals the secret to wrapping oddly shaped gifts.

Posted by The Meredith Vieira Show on Thursday, December 18, 2014