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Christmas is just around the corner and I am always looking for unique ideas to spread holiday cheer. Here are some ideas to use cookie cutters that have nothing to do with cookies. Whether these ideas appeal to you, or inspire your creativity, we are happy to share them with you and spread the joy of the season.

Cookie Cutter Frames are a great way to add some color and nostalgia to your Christmas tree or ornament stand. I like cutting the messages out of greeting cards and using old holiday photos and this would be a wonderful way to display them.



Cut your sweet treats into festive shapes with Cookie Cutter Fudge. I am always looking for other uses for my cookie cutters and this idea make my fudge even more fun that the typical squares I make. Little hands can also help and they won’t mind eating some as they go along.



Make festive additions to crafts with Cookie Cutter Felting. Whether it’s elbows and knees on clothing, accents on your knitting projects, or personalizing any number of items, these little touches will be a hit.

cookie-cutter felting


Cookie Cutter Ornaments are a great way to use up scraps of festive paper, ribbons, and other accessories. Make these to hang on your tree, in an ornament stand, or use it in place of a bow on wrapped gifts. They make a great gift paired with cookie mix for a busy family too!



Everything seems to taste better when it’s cut into adorable shapes and Cookie Cutter Bark is no exception. Make different kinds of festive bark and cut them into different shapes for easy identification when mixing them up into tins.



Wrapped Cookie Cutter ornaments are a great way to change up your decor. Using nice ribbons or twine can change the whole look of your Christmas tree this season. Although I have varying theses for our tree, it all starts with a fresh idea and I will be mixing twine, burlap, white and gold this season. What fun!





Move over marshmallows, Cookie Cutter Cool Whip is taking the spotlight at our home this winter. Whether it’s for winter, Christmas, every day, or a special occasion, making these tasty frozen shapes will delight all your hot cocoa-loving guests.



If you’d like to skip the fresh wreath this year and try something different, a Cookie Cutter Wreath is a lot of fun to make and an easy way to incorporate your seasonal color scheme. We will make one with different sizes of snow flakes after Thanksgiving and are still deciding on our Christmas door decoration.



Making your own candles is very satisfying and can be a lot of fun. These make a great hostess gift as well. Let’s face it, we all have far too much chocolate at this time of year, and there’s nothing better than a pretty and functional gift from a guest.



This is my personal favorite project on my list. We will make Cookie Cutter Bird Seed Ornaments to hang in the trees outside our home. They will make a lovely addition to the lit spruce in our front yard. There is a growing trend of decorated trees in our neighborhood and we’re ready to join in the fun!