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Dogs are a man’s best friend. We know that we love our dogs with all of our hearts. They ‘re family.  Do you ever wonder what’s going on in your furry bestie’s mind? Do they love you as much as as you love them? Of course they do!  Look for tell-tail (hehe) signs of affection from the following list of the ways dogs show their love.

They Gaze Lovingly Into Your Eyes

You are the most brilliant person alive!

Image Source: Tumblr user tonythetinychihuahua

You’re so darn pretty.

Image Source: Imgur user Wolveriskey

They Can’t Get Enough Cuddles

Yaaaa! It’s cuddle time.

Image Source: Buzzfeed

I wish we could stay like this furever!

When They Greet You As You Come Home, Even When You’ve Been Gone A Long Time

Ermagherd! Daddy’s home!!!

Image Source: Imgur user alwayshappier15

This is all I’ve wanted for so long. What a relief!

Video Source: YouTube

Hooray! You’re back. We’ve missed you soooo much!

Video Source: YouTube

They Want You To Take Them With You Everywhere

Prrrrease take me wif you!

Image Source: Life With Dogs

What’s the hold up? I am ready to go!

Image Source: Imgur user Artvandelay1 via Pinterest

They Give You Their Favorite Toy

Dogs will  bring you their toys as a demonstration of love. Even when it is a toy they really wanted for themselves.

They Lick Your Face

Kiss, kiss, kiss!

Image Source: Tumblr user bardilfula

I guess baby heads smell just as sweet to puppies!

Image Source: Enkivillage

They Sleep On You

Daddy’s head is so cozy!

Image Source: Mom Me

Dreaming of mud puddles and biscuits.

Image Source: Buzzfeed

They Wag Their Tails

You’re the greatest!

Image Source: Giphy

Isn’t I da cutest?

Image Source: Tumblr

They Smile At You

You’re my sunshine!

Image Source: Dogster

You so funny Master!

Image Source: Imgur