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Going on a date is a great way to spend quality time with your significant other. Our lives can get so busy with work, chores, kids, school, we forget to enjoy being with our partner in a meaningful way. You don’t have to go out to an expensive restaurant or fancy bar to bring yourselves closer together. Whether you are a newly formed couple, engaged or married, you and your beau with fall in love with these terrific date ideas.

Go to a Comedy Club

Medical researchers have been reporting that laughter is the best medecine for some time now.   A good belly laugh is a wonderful way to release stress, lower blood pressure and improve your sense of well-being. There is even laughter therapy and laughter yoga. But can laughter draw you and your partner closer together? According to Victor Borge, “laughter is the shortest distance between two people”. So, next date night, why not go out to a comedy club?

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Visit a Museum

Put a little culture in your romance with a trip to the museum or art gallery. You don’t have to stick to the big imposing museums or galleries, you can explore little quirky natural history museums and private galleries. Impress your date, boyfriend or spouse with your imagination and curiosity. Marvel at ancient artifacts and dinosaur bones together. Maybe end the excursion with a gelato and walk to discuss what you saw?

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Play Pool or Go Bowling

Sounds cheesy and very Big Lebowski right? Kinda the opposite of sexy? Wrong! You will feel the sparks fly with some friendly competition, teasing and flirtatious picking on each other. If you are both awful, it will make for a hilarious night. Add a little wager to the game to turn up the heat. The winner can choose a back rub, foot massage or strip-tease?

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Visit a Flea Market

Go treasure hunting together at antique stores, flea markets and thrift stores. You are sure to find lots to talk about while browsing. Where did this come from? I wonder who owned this?

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Board Game Night

Feel like staying in? Order from your favorite take out restaurant, spread a blanket and pull out board games. Want to impress your love with your savvy strategy? Try Chess or Risk. Spice things up with dirty Scrabble or try a couples’ board game.

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Go To a Batting Cage

This is a fun action date focused on physical activity with a hint of childhood fun. You could also play frisbee in a park, fly a kite or climb trees. You will enjoy the break from staring at each other across a table trying to think of something interesting to talk about that doesn’t have to do with your kids’ report cards or your mom’s hip surgery. Incorporating play into your relationship keeps things fresh and exciting.

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Watch Live Music

Grab tickets to a big name act that is visiting your city or check out the local Blues club in town. Live music bars have amazing atmosphere and you just might hear the next big band.

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Take a Dance Class

This is a no-brainer for most women. Almost every girl I know loves to dance and would appreciate their man cultivating this romantic skill. It might take some cajoling, but once you get your guy there, it will be well worth the nag. Gain a shared experience and learn a romantic dance style like salsa.  Your love will heat up when your arms are wrapped around each other and your hips are swiveling.

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